SABATON "The Last Stand" CD + DVD Edition Limité Agrandir

SABATON "The Last Stand" CD + DVD Edition Limité


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CD + DVD Deluxe Edition

1 - Sparta 4:25  
2 - Last Dying Breath 3:26  
3 - Blood of Bannockburn 2:57  
4 - Diary of an Unknown Soldier 0:51  
5 - The Lost Battalion 3:39  
6 - Rorke's Drift 3:28  


1 - The March To War (live) 2:00  
2 - Ghost Division (live) 4:06  
3 - Far From The Fame (live) 3:46  
4 - Uprising (live) 6:00  
5 - Midway (live) 4:09  
6 - Gott Mit Uns (live) 3:27  

Deluxe edition includes DVD. If you have any doubts, please update your books now: our favourite Swedish war machine Sabaton are on their way to the absolute top of the heavy metal world. "We have done a majestic record and we couldn't be happier with it. Is »The Last Stand« Sabaton's strongest album to date? Well, time will tell us that, but one thing is 100 % guaranteed: on the record, there are lots of songs that will go down in Sabaton's own hall of fame,ˮ says the band founder and bassist Pär Sundström. "The Last Stand contains all the elements that our fans could ask for,ˮ adds the band's main composer and singer Joakim Brodén. "The new record tells a victorious tale of Sabaton in 2016, and even further. Lots of fresh ideas and unprecedented magic can be heard on these new tunes - for example, check out bagpipe and Hammond driven major key song 'Blood Of Bannockburn'. We have never done anything like that before.ˮ

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SABATON "The Last Stand" CD + DVD Edition Limité

SABATON "The Last Stand" CD + DVD Edition Limité

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